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The Aykotah Daughter

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Andrhea Goertzen’s The Aykotah Daughter follows Miroreka Fakusha as she is thrust into her fate as the king’s only daughter—the future queen. She must marry a man whom she has never met, who comes from another tribe, trusting him to lead not only her people but herself. But she is torn between what she believes to be best for her tribe and the expectations traditions impose on her. Allegorical themes counter tribal spiritualism and reliance on false gods with a picture of complete trust in the one true God. Though the story could have used more editing, and at times the plot is difficult to follow, The Aykotah Daughter paints a beautiful picture of true sacrificial love and submission.

Best for: Fans who enjoy edgy romance, multi-cultural settings, and adventure.

Discern: Violence, sensuality, open discussion about sex, implied sex in the context of marriage, and attempted rape.

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