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The Bear of Rosethorn Ring

Not every fairy tale needs magic to be magical. Kirsten Fichter’s The Bear of Rosethorn Ring, subtitled A Snow White and Rose Red Story, performs before the backdrop of circus life and spectacle, showcasing horses, kingdoms, and fun sibling dynamics. Sisters Diamond and Marita seek to save their negligent father from debt slavery, but the cost may prove more than they can pay. How far will they go to reconcile with an undeserving man? Despite constant danger, The Bear’s quirky players cast their spell through the magic of forgiveness, applying unique twists and new thrills to old routines. Fichter’s setting shines with color, the pace clips along without burdens of detail, and tension rises toward a high-stakes climax.

Best for: Fans of magical fairy tales or magic-free tales like The Greatest Showman.

Discern: Passing references to assassination as well as death-defying events in the circus tent and on horseback.


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