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The Governess of Greenmere

What if Arthurian legends and biblical angels secretly fought to protect Britain from evil? Paul Leone’s The Governess of Greenmere envisions such an alliance. Elise Cooper becomes governess to the young heir of Greenmere Manor, but all at the country estate is not what it seems. Strange paintings hint at other realities, and household members seem to revere peculiar saints. Before Elise can unravel these mysteries, she is whisked away to Faerie by none other than Merlin himself, who has chosen her for his heir as guardian of Britain. But can Elise’s newfound power and long-held faith stand against the dark forces arrayed against them? Obscure Arthurian and Celtic references blend with biblical imagery and high heroism in this brief yet old-souled story.

Best for: Adults and older teens as well as any fans of Arthurian fiction, older-style fantasy stories, and plucky heroines.

Discern: Discussions of limbo and its inhabitants in light of Catholic faith, heroic characters use magic against villains, vague lines between good wizards and evil witches, semi-fallen angels and elves fight for God in Faerie.

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