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The Jehzydak Prophecy

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What happens when you find out you’re a wizard in a land that denies the existence of magic? The Jehzydak Prophecy, A. R. Morgera’s series opener, tells of brothers who really, really don’t get along. Young Zaiden grew up in the shadow of his abusive stepbrother Rayder. But when Zaiden’s anger results in an accidental death, Zaiden learns he is a Jehzydak, a warrior wizard like his late father. Two other wizards, one of whom is Zaiden’s long-lost twin brother, have slaughtered whole towns in the magic lands. People there feel helpless, but cling to a prophecy about a Jehzydak savior. Could this be untrained Zaiden? He must decide what to do—and whom to ask for help. Although this tale may be difficult to dig into at first, readers who persevere will discover an identifiably Christian page-turner.

Best for: Readers who like complex psychology mixed with high action.

Discern: Plenty of gore, but it’s not dwelt on.

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