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The Nightmare Virus

The Nightmare Virus infects without warning, casting unsuspecting victims into a relentless nightmare from which they eventually never awaken. In a world trapped in this cycle of terror, Cain Cross uses his brother’s old notes to race against time in search of a cure. But when Cain finally goes to sleep, he finds himself in a twisted world of trained fighters and ghoulish beasts where he must fight to save his soul. In The Nightmare Virus, Nadine Brandes masterfully crafts a vivid dreamscape where wicked battles rage but hope cannot be extinguished. Like a haunting lullaby, this tale reminds readers that God’s light will prevail even in the darkest of dreams.

Best for: Teenagers and young adults as well as adult readers.

Discern: Combat violence as well as mentions of blood and injuries, themes of light versus darkness.

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