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The Story Peddler

In Lindsay A. Franklin’s bold adventure The Story Peddler, Tanwen has the ability to weave stories into sculptures that she can sell. She dreams of becoming the king’s royal storyteller. But art has a way of revealing truth, including truths the king wants to keep hidden. Tanwen is swept into a journey with a band of outlaws and learns more about her abilities and about the king’s plans to destroy any gifted person who might threaten his rule—like Tanwen herself. This story spins a perfect array of delightful characters living with complex magical abilities in a truly unique world. Its adventure, political mayhem, and just a touch of romance reach into the hearts of creatives whom God has gifted to use their talents to serve others.

Best for: Young adults who enjoy a good fantasy adventure.

Discern: Some violence and mild references to physical relationships.

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