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The Roman Empire generally fails to be good, but it never fails to be busy. Apollyon roams the Seven Cities, stirring up violence and plotting to release demons from the Abyss. Rome burns, Nero fiddles, and Christians die. Alexander, a Jewish physician, is drawn into Roman schemes unwillingly; and Cassandra, a Christian merchant, is drawn in more unwillingly yet. Brian Godawa’s Tyrant unites history, spiritual warfare, and eschatology in an ambitious epic. Tyrant plunges deep into history and theology, bringing up a wealth of detail. Artless exposition clutters the story, however, and too much is told, too little shown. But if Tyrant stops too long at some places, it boldly charges in others, and it will find a ready audience among those who appreciate how it roars.

Best for: Adults, fans of Frank Peretti, readers interested in history and theology.

Discern: A few instances of vulgar language; disturbing scenes of death, torture, and one abortion; references to infanticide and cannibalism; sexual allusions, including to rape, homosexuality, pederasty, and one passing mention of bestiality.

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