1. Jes says:

    Hi, Amy, thank you for taking the time to go so deeply into the Twilight saga. I know the series isn’t for everyone. The characters are certainly very obsessed with each other, but I still do not understand the accusations of Edward’s abuse because he has an instinct he never gives into. I unfortunately know many women trapped in abusive relationships; if they were with men like Edward, this world would be a better place. Also, Bella not killing herself for her parents’ sake is not unrealistic. That was one of my own defenses until God healed me of my depression. Sometimes people who are suffering are capable of some selflessness

    • Lilly says:

      However, the problem is that throughout the book a large part of Edward’s attraction to Bella is due to her delicious blood and his wanting to kill her. Their “romance” starts from there.

  2. whiteinkdrop says:

    I’ve only read the first two books (and that was such a long time ago!) but I do recall feeling very uncomfortable with how the relationships were portrayed. That, and how inconsistent and one-dimensional the characters seemed. Those were my impressions on my first readings; I’m not sure if they’ll change if I read them now though. 🙂 Thanks for the article!

  3. Sheri says:

    As I read this I found myself pondering fantasy romances versus contemporary or historical romances. There’s definitely an obsessive, unhealthy relationship between Edward and Bella, but personally I would find it odd if an immortal vampire who doesn’t sleep managed to have a normal love relationship. Of course he was going to obsess over the first woman he was attracted to? Her emptiness and susceptibility to obsession bothers me more. So when I read fantasy romances with unhealthy elements I read it through the lens of the crazy other stuff going on. I know young girls read these, and I’m wondering if they know how to read it through a lens like that. Because when I was younger (and now) I read fantasy romances differently than others, realizing that it would be unhealthy in my personal reality.

  4. Sugar says:

    I would have said in other times that partner abuse cannot be compared to a werewolf hurting his partner by being unable to control himself but… the parallels are there and Twilight is not an adult novel but an adolescent one that girls read from 11 years. I understand that it is dangerous.
    The male/female best friends thing is there’s a reason why it’s a romantic trope that they end up pairing up, that’s what usually happens! It is natural that the two sexes created by God are attracted to each other and cannot just be friends like brothers if they are not family! Let’s stop pretending that it is not so and that it is “toxic” that boys and girls begin to feel attraction if they spend a lot of time together in emotional intimacy.
    And if Bella is totally abusive towards Jacob, she uses his feelings for her enjoyment while knowing that he is unhappy.
    Unfortunately the Twilight boom to this date is over and teenagers are reading things 1000 times worse where there is no longer any vow of chastity involved, she can even have both boys if she wants! bully romance, Dark romance, stalker heroes… are some of the wonders that young and not so much women love today. It is enough to dive a little outside of Christian / clean romance fandom to see the type of romance or romantic fantasy that is the best seller today.

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