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Aderes in Karkhana

After falling into an unknown world, Aderes struggles to learn how to live among her new companions.
· December 2021 · for ,

As your blood mingles, may your lives be entwined…go forth as one.

Falling into another world was not on my list of life goals. Marrying a stranger in that world even less so. But these people don’t take no for an answer, and my only choice is accept marriage to a guard or … well, actually they didn’t give me another option.

The point is that I don’t want this, never have. The rest of my family are adventurers, explorers…they embrace our family’s legacy, but not me. All I want is to live beside them. All I want is my family.

But as much as I want to punish these people for taking that from me, I’m an Ashton, and Ashtons don’t wallow. If escape is out of the question, then it’s time to bear down and make a life here. Learn the world, make a new normal, and don’t tell them anything that would put my family in danger. As far as they know, I’m just Aderes: Gaiseric’s tearful foreign wife. I’m an abnormality, a spectacle, but harmless.

The trouble is, while their world is unfamiliar, the threats they face are not. I’m not quite the frail, ignorant girl I let them believe me to be, but will my knowledge of my family’s past be enough to save these people? Or will it condemn them instead?

Book 1 of the Ashton Legacies series.

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