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My Father's Ghost by A. C. Wilson

My Father’s Ghost

Escaping from her family’s slaughter is just the first battle Haeli has to endure, as she seeks to turn the tables on evil seemingly set to trap her at every turn.
My Father's Land by A. C. Wilson

My Father’s Land

Ella escaping her pirate capturers is only the beginning of her adventures in the fantastical and mysterious lands of Gwambi.
Into a Strange Land, Ben Anderson

Into A Strange Land

Grandpa has been hiding a secret in the Potato cellar—a relic from a lost age of Ireland that leads to the world of the Others.
Taming the Goblin, Ben Anderson

Taming The Goblin

Frederick must choose to become truly human, or become like a goblin, while the goblin, Nous, must choose to stay a goblin, or become more human.
The Witch and the Waking Tree, Ben Anderson

The Witch and The Waking Tree

Colleen and Frederick encounter the terrible witch that has ruled the strange land into which they have fallen.