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My Father’s Land

Ella escaping her pirate capturers is only the beginning of her adventures in the fantastical and mysterious lands of Gwambi.
· January 2023 · for

These pirates who just kidnapped Ella seem to think that she knows the location of the Gwambi’s Lost City of Gold. Sure, her father died looking for the Gwambi city, but that doesn’t mean she knows anything about it. Her mother wouldn’t even let her read the one book they owned on the lost Gwambi city. Mind you, she read every other book in the house-every other book in the parish—so she knows a thing or two. The question is, can she do anything with all that head knowledge? I mean, does it matter if she can positively identify the difference between a gnome, a leprechaun, and a nymph, if she can’t defend herself when they are trying to stab her in the gut? And let’s not even start talking about the sorcerer …

Book 1 of the Gwambi Tetralogy series.

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