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Steal Fire From the Gods, Clint Hall

Steal Fire from the Gods

On the run and hunted by the war machines, Gunnar discovers that an ancient, life-based strength has awakened to help humanity fight back.
“Clint Hall’s debut Steal Fire From the Gods casts readers into a compressed-epic world of uncertain powers yet certain morality, plus elemental conflicts between human choice and technocracy.”
The Green Door, Chris Solaas

The Green Door

A teen girl and her family travel through a dystopian dimension devastated by biological warfare.
Enclave, Thomas Locke


Fifty years after America’s collapse, Caleb has a plan that could help secure his enclave’s future.
“After America falls, white-hat heroes work for a better world.”
Lorehaven review, winter 2018
Earthcore Book 1: RotoVegas, Grace Bridges


Anira finds herself mysteriously affected by the untamed thermal forces of New Zealand–and they have a job for her.
“The sense of place is lovingly grounded, and the style flows like water.”
Lorehaven review, spring 2018
The Man From Sun Prairie, Dwight Clough

The Man From Sun Prairie

When a good deed misfires, Straight Arrow finds himself in the Kingdom of Arken where he must save the king’s daughter to prove he truly is a good man.