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The Green Door

A teen girl and her family travel through a dystopian dimension devastated by biological warfare.
· February 2021 · for

Anne Shakleman is still suffering panic attacks and bad dreams about the evil Professor Pilfer, who threatened their lives. The bible verse Granddad gave her to memorize was supposed to help, but how can a scrap of text from a dusty old bible combat repeated horrifying dreams? What’s behind all these nightmares, and how will she find relief from the fear that has a chokehold on her?

Granddad has activated a door made of copper to bring the family back to their home dimension … but the door deposits them instead in a world where his house has been burned down for a decade. It’s obviously the wrong dimension. But what went wrong with the door, and how can he trust the crystals now to bring them home? Meanwhile, something terrible has happened in the past in this dimension—something that left a nearby city completely overgrown by the surrounding woods. Where are all the people, and why would they have abandoned the city?

Book 2 of the Doors of Destiny series.

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