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Can a convicted supervillain change his life? Are people worth second (and even third) chances? H. L. Burke’s superhero fantasy, Reformed, attacks these questions head-on. Second-generation superhero Prism longs to revive her late father’s Supervillain Rehabilitation Project. Her first subject? Fade, the supervillain whose failed attempt to reform sank the original SVR. As Prism fights to bring Fade back to hero work, she and her team must confront their own mistrust of the former villain while a new threat from Fade’s past may endanger more than the SVR. Humor and slow-burn romance balance out intrigue, high-stakes heroics, and emotional character moments to launch this series-opener up, up, and away.

Best for: Adults and older teens who enjoy superhero stories, slow-burn romance, and intrigue.

Discern: Casual alcohol use, discussion of physical attraction between characters and frank discussion of previous sexual relationships, superhero violence and death, mild swearing.

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  1. Ticia says:

    I love this series so much.

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