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Protector by Megan Schaulis


The Selection meets American Ninja Warrior in this dystopian retelling of Esther featuring nanotechnology, royal romance, and a heartfelt quest to make a difference.
Ex Librum by Gayle and Stephen Porter

Ex Librum

Journeying through an unknown land, with an unfamiliar guide, will the heirs of the Triad uncover their heritage or stir up an ancient war that will endanger them all.
Mannigan: A Speck of Light by L. Ross Coulter

Mannigan: A Speck of Light

In a world gripped by the Vitruvian Elite, a young rebel discovers that the greatest battle between the darkness and the light is in himself.
Silent Stars by Brett Armstrong

Silent Stars

A teen risks everything to stop the sinister forces threatening to erase humanity forever.
Ex Magica, Gayle and Stephen Porter

Ex Magica

When a society that has never known a world without magic loses their abilities, will the heirs of the triad of leadership be able to save them, or will they destroy them all?
Fractures, Jason C. Joyner


Superpowered teens must battle new enemies and their own selfish desires.
“Jason Joyner’s second superhero tale Fractures offers a deft combination of action, spiritual themes, and the tribulations of growing up.”

The Personifid Invasion

In the future, you can transfer your consciousness into an artificial body — known as a personifid — and cheat death indefinitely. But human beings aren’t the only ones who want those bodies. Adult science fiction by R.E. Bartlett.