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Mannigan: A Speck of Light

In a world gripped by the Vitruvian Elite, a young rebel discovers that the greatest battle between the darkness and the light is in himself.
· November 2023 · for ,

Born from the ashes of the old world, the great cities of humanity’s new hope are beacons of light. Yet freed from the depths of a cruel prison, Will Manning is left with nothing but rage.

Seeking revenge against the tyrannical rule of the Vitruvian elite with the help of a shadowy group called Legion, he sets about to light the spark to bring them to their knees. But from the palace of the mad queen in the Sea of Sand to the Weeping City of Sorrow in the mountains of Mourne, the truth is not what it seems. And as salvation collides with chaos, justice may be no more than a wishful dream.

Delving into the tumultuous world of humanity’s near future, it is a journey that wanders through faith, mortality, pervasive technology and the myriad of social challenges confronting today’s youth. Inquisitively, it probes the very essence of the one true hope amid the chaos of the earth, all the while questioning where the adult of tomorrow will fit in.

Book 1 of the Mannigan series.

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