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High school is hard to navigate. Newfound superpowers would make these years even worse. Still, Demarcus and his friends want to use their supernatural gifts. It’s hard for them to avoid the world alone, and harder yet for the world to avoid them. With Fractures, Jason C. Joyner continues his saga of young superheroes that started in Launch. Like its predecessor, Fractures grounds itself in a world like our own and all the natural concerns of adolescence. Strongly religious, the novel explores spiritual darkness infecting the world and even the hearts of heroes. With its darker tone and catastrophic events, the story shapes a strong middle act. Although readers will need a third act to find resolution, Fractures offers a deft combination of action, spiritual themes, and the tribulations of growing up.

Best for: Teens and superhero fans.

Discern: Some violence, mostly involving teenagers; a man is possessed by a being whose nature is unclear.

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