1. Bethany Fehr says:

    This is beautiful, Elijah. “That is the very reason you were brought to Narnia…” Is one of my all-time favorite quotes. This story has meant so much to me over the past year, and reading your response gives me joy.

  2. mha6106 says:

    One of my top three favorites of the Narnia series! The chavalier Reepicheep is one of the best characters in the entire 7 books, IMO., The scene where he renders Eustace corporal punishment with the flat of his sword – classic! Eustace’s “de-dragoning,” likened to pulling a scab off you skin, is hands down the best metaphor of conviction, repentence, and the happy release of forgiveness I have ever read. I was disappointed, but understand, that to show the dragon being skinned visually in the movie version was considered too intense. Ah…but we we did get a lovely Lilandil in Laura Brent — be still, my beating heart! Caspian, you lucky dog!

  3. Stephen Smith says:

    Thank you for writing this article, it really pulled on my heart strings. I was a young unbeliever when I devoured the entire series. Dawn Treader was and still is my favorite. After I became a Christian in my mid-teens I reread the series with new insight and loved it all the more.

  4. Sugar says:

    I remember that date was the moment where I realized that the only person Aslan could be in our world is God. Until that moment I had never thought about it since I was about 9 years old and didn’t really know much about God. My mom was a believer but at that time it was more of an “ah yes God exists” style but she did not model the close relationship with God that she has now in her old age, which meant that I did not grow up learning about Him either.

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