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The Blue Door

A boy genius who travels to another dimension with his family to save his grandfather and prevent a war.
· March 2020 · for

Ten-year-old Jack Shakleman will invent anything to do his chores for him—but when his dad disappears, it may take some real work to rescue him.

The mysterious note was written in invisible ink on the inside of the empty envelope. It was from Ted’s dad, who had disappeared nearly a year ago. They were sure it meant they would finally find out where he’d been. That is, until Dad disappeared, too.

Now, Jack and his three siblings are headed to California with Mom to get some answers. For nestled near the coast at the edge of the redwood forest is the small cottage of Professor Thomas Shakleman, with it’s mysterious blue metal door. Somehow, the door is the key to rescuing Dad and the professor. If only Jack could figure out how to unlock it…

But this chore will take more than the inventions of a boy genius. It might actually take some … work.

Book 1 of the Doors of Destiny series

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