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Princess Maleen, freed from her tower exile, forges into the unknown as she pieces together what happened to her conquered kingdom, and discovers who she can trust.
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“We must be careful. These times are treacherous, and we know nothing.”

Princess Maleen and her maidservant Marietta survived three years of exile in a tower only to escape and discover their kingdom’s capital, Ardenay, in ruins. Now Maleen must forge ahead and make decisions about her future, even though she has no idea what happened to her country or to her father, King Darrick.

Why didn’t Pandor and Prince Melanor come to their aid? What happened to King Etham and Prince Jared of Dranneth? The state of Arden is much worse than she or Marietta imagined–Maleen’s life is in danger, and those she thought were friends are the very ones she should fear the most

Book 2 of the Daughter of Arden series 

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