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Minu by S. K. Ehra


Minu spent lifetimes creating an enchantment to grow a paradise from the ashes of the old world, only to have it corrupted by an immortal adversary.
Once A Queen, Sarah Arthur

Once A Queen

Eva finds herself unraveling dangerous secrets and wrestling with grief for a vanishing childhood, all while facing the fear that growing up means giving up fairy tales forever.
“Once A Queen is a gentle, intriguing fantasy that brings its world and characters to life with vividness and compassion.”
Wandering, Loren G. Warnemuende


Princess Maleen, freed from her tower exile, forges into the unknown as she pieces together what happened to her conquered kingdom, and discovers who she can trust.
A Wolf's Rose, M. C. Kenendy

A Wolf’s Rose

A young woman with a magic ring is captured by an agent of evil with supernatural abilities who wants to use her ring to assassinate the nation’s leaders.
“M. C. Kennedy combines “Little Red Riding Hood” with “Beauty and the Beast” to create a deeper story of hatred, forgiveness, and redemption.”
Exile, Loren G. Warnemuende


No matter which choice Maleen made, marriage to a man she didn’t love or exile in a tower, it appeared bondage was the life her father lay before her.
“This gentle fantasy from Loren G. Warnemuende shows little magic or strange creatures, focusing on complex emotions and relationships.”
The Truth Beyond the Lies, Kathleen Bird

The Truth Beyond the Lies

In a world filled with steam and clockwork, one not-so-normal girl searches for what it means to be truly loved by her family and friends.
Frost, Winter's Lonely Guardian, E. E. Rawls

Frost, Winter’s Lonely Guardian

Seventeen-year-old Norah meets a handsome guy with snowflakes in his hair who says he’ll train her to become the next Winter Guardian.
Shadow, Kara Swanson


Peter Pan has crash-landed back on Neverland. But this is not the island he remembers.
“Kara Swanson’s page-turner soars while wonderfully concluding this creative retelling of the classic Peter Pan.”
The Beauty of Magic, Rachel Ann Michael Harris

The Beauty of Magic

Svana will have to survive her step-mother’s deadly magic to save those she loves or become the next victim.
A Dragon By Any Other Name, S. D. Grimm

A Dragon By Any Other Name

This time, Beauty is the Beast, and she wants Prince Charming dead.
The Hâgthorn Wound, John Paul Tucker

The Hâgthorn Wound

Will’s longing for his missing father ignites a dramatic and fateful quest into the mythical country of Fairus.
Cinderella Spell, Laurie Lee

Cinderella Spell

Cinderella has her prince, but a fairy tale ending is not what she has in mind.
“In Laurie Lee’s dark fairy tale retelling Cinderella Spell, Cinderella is more than she seems, and true love doesn’t lie where you think.”
Dust, Kara Swanson


The girl who fears her own destiny is on a collision course with the boy who never wanted to grow up.
“Nothing is as it seems, and wishing on stars will get her nowhere in this delightfully twisted sequel to a classic.”
Lorehaven review, fall 2020
Paper and Thorns, Elijah David

Paper and Thorns

Lost in a labyrinth and faced with impossible tasks, one Beast will stop at nothing to save the woman who cursed him.
Gretchen and the Bear, Carrie Anne Noble

Gretchen and the Bear

Sixteen-year-old Gretchen encounters three bear shape-shifters who believe she’s a legendary heroine, and learns the true meaning of sacrificial love.
“Carrie Anne Noble’s delightful fantasy/sci-fi mashup Gretchen and the Bear defies every expectation.”
Lorehaven review, winter 2020
Beast of the Night, E. E. Rawls

Beast of the Night

A one-armed, practical girl. A rude lord hiding a curse. A dark secret with the town’s fate hanging in the balance.
The Knight in Battered Armor, Brianna Tibbetts

The Knight in Battered Armor

A captive princess and the son of a knight prove that shining armor is the sign of a coward, but battered armor reveals the hero within.
Fairest Son, H. S. J. Williams

Fairest Son

When mortal huntress discovers a maimed faerie prince up in the mountains, she must choose her side in an ancient feud.
“H. S. J. Williams’ novella Fairest Son contains familiar echoes: seven “dwarves,” a poison apple, a poem of prophecy. But the story is unique.”
Lorehaven review, winter 2018
Dagger's Sleep, Tricia Mingerink

Dagger’s Sleep

In a land of mountains, canoes, and fairy tales, one princess races to wake the sleeping high prince in this gender-swapped Sleeping Beauty retelling.


One person knows of the plot against the royal family and cares enough to try to stop it—the servant girl they banished.
Burning Rose, Hope Ann

Burning Rose

An age of unrest explodes into a war that touches the lives of a dedicated sister, a young wingmaster, and a pardoned rebel, changing their lives forever.
Dongeng, Anna Tan


Thrust into a world of magical creatures, one girl must discover how to save them from fading.
“Author Anna Tan creates a beautiful multicultural world for Dongeng, weaving in characters from traditions both familiar and foreign.”
Lorehaven review, spring 2018
The Beast of Talesend, Kyle Robert Shultz

The Beast of Talesend

He didn’t believe in magic or monsters—until magic turned him into a monster.
“Kyle Robert Shultz creates an enchanting story world grounded in familiarity yet saturated with fairy-tale qualities.”
Lorehaven review, spring 2018
Beast, Chawna Schroeder


A feral child raised among dogs becomes prey in a royal hunting tournament.
Paper Crowns, Mirriam Neal

Paper Crowns

With cat Halcyon, irascible wysling Azrael, and fire elemental Salazar, Ginger ventures into the world of fae to bring a ruthless queen to justice.
Knife by R.J. Anderson


Forget everything you think you know about faeries. Creatures full of magic and whimsy? Not in the Oakenwyld. Not anymore.

Waking Beauty

Prince Arpien intends to gain a throne and the sleeping beauty’s heart with a single kiss. But kissing the princess is only the beginning of a series of unforeseen obstacles: man-eating bugs, deadly spindles, talking lapdogs, and fiery pickles.
The Mermaid's Sister, Carrie Anne Noble

The Mermaid’s Sister

One day, Clara discovers iridescent scales just beneath her sister’s skin: Maren is becoming a mermaid and must be taken to the sea or she will die.