1. Rebecca, Thanks for doing this. It was fun. May I ask how many total votes there were. Just curious? Alison Pickrell

  2. Cson says:

    I bet the only reason By Darkness Hid didn’t win is because a lot of people haven’t read it yet. But congrats to Mr. Davis anyway! And CotSk at #3? Awesome!

  3. Congratulations to Bryan Davis for his 2010 CSA Readers’ Choice award, and congratulations to the other 2010 CSA Readers’ Choice nominees!

    These are all great stories.

  4. Carol Gehringer says:

    I read the top 4! Congrats to the winner — and the other authors we well. Glad we have some many possible winners. Says a lot about this genre and its authors.

  5. Bailey Deese says:

    I’m so glad Bones of Makaidos won! This series is my favorite series of books and it really changed my life and helped me grow in my relationship with God! Mr. Davis is an amazing man of God and he truly deserved this award! The other authors are excellent as well and congratulations to the top 5!

What say you?