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107. Why Is The Daily Wire Spending Millions To Create Fantastic Shows for Kids? | with Frank J. Fleming

Now that Disney producers are promising to add more false religion into their shows, this controversy may be animating new Christian creatives.
Fantastical Truth on Apr 12, 2022 · No comments

Were we too early? Just last month we explored why Christians feel fed-up with secular fantasy franchises, with The Daily Wire culture reporter Megan Basham. Weeks later, activists leaked audio from inside The Walt Disney Company, revealing how creators want to use Disney stories to preach sexual revolution religion to children. Parents are getting upset. Many want to cancel their Disney World vacations or Disney Plus subscriptions. Meanwhile, others plan their cultural counterstrikes, including The Daily Wire itself. They acted early too, announcing they will spent $100 million on kids’ entertainment. One of those show writers, a returning guest, rejoins us on today’s Fantastical Truth.

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Frank J. FlemingReintroducing author Frank J. Fleming

Frank J. Fleming is a novelist and a scripted creator for The Daily Wire. He has also written satire books, wrote approximately 666 articles for The Babylon Bee, and wrote columns for The New York Post, USA Today, and The Washington Times. Frank is a Carnegie Mellon University graduate and used to be a really good electrical and software engineer back when he was inclined to have a more useful occupation than writing. He lives in Austin with his wife and four kids and is a really cool dude.

1. Why is The Daily Wire now making children’s pop culture?

2. What’s new in your ongoing fantastical fiction?

3. How can fans follow DW Kids and your creations?

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One Guild hero said of podcast episode 106, about the homeschool conference:

I’m listening to the latest episode while working on my sewing. It sounds like it was a great conference and I want to add a lot of books to my list. I’m feeling a little lonely though. We hardly have homeschool conferences in Australia and now that I’m an adult I don’t really have many homeschooled connections. I want to go hang out at a homeschool conference.

One member of the RealmSphere enjoyed Shannon Stewart’s Encanto article:

Wonderful article (that made me cry). I relate so much to the characters in Encanto. I saw a lot of these ideas when I watched the film, although I couldn’t have written them as beautifully as Shannon does.

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Resurrection Sunday will return next week, and let me just say, “The Church doesn’t talk enough about resurrection!” No, I don’t mean my church. Mine is great. Yours may be great too. I mean all those other churches out there, the bad ones. All joshing aside, *some* Christians can’t help but miss the wonder that Christ has literally conquered death and raised himself to eternal life, and has promised to do the same for everyone who trusts exclusively in Him. We’ll explore that most fantastical of all truths with returning guest star Tim Chaffey, content director for Answers in Genesis and founder of Risen Ministries.

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