1. In regards to how right to life themes get into secular shows, that probably happens partially because people tend to treat general ‘right to life’ themes as a separate category from abortion. In Tui T Sutherland’s Wings Of Fire series, for instance, unhatched dragon eggs are clearly valued as life, and listening to some people that have discussed the books, that attitude seems like it is shared even by some readers that would probably be pro choice to some degree. It’s probably easier for them to think this way since the eggs are completely separate from the mother at that point — kind of like how an infant is more easily regarded as a life once it’s born. If the female dragon was pregnant, however, and thus the eggs were still developing inside her, people would be more likely to view that pregnancy the same way they would a human one, abortion advocacy and all.

    A lot of people don’t mind acknowledging the importance of freedom, family, choice and life. But they start to forget that if those things seem to make them miserable or get in the way of something else they believe is good and important. In the case of abortion, most people don’t mind regarding infants as a life worth protecting, and under normal circumstances would be biased toward seeing unborn infants as life that matters. But the dynamic changes in instances when people are forced to take on a burden that they didn’t want or that wasn’t their fault. Suddenly that thing becomes an enemy and a threat. If, for example, a woman becomes pregnant because she was raped, and after going to the doctor she finds out that there are complications with her pregnancy that will kill her if she doesn’t have an abortion, it would be very infuriating for her to hear a bunch of people telling her that she has to go through with the pregnancy anyway. Especially after already being traumatized by the rape itself.

    In some instances, realizing this could be forced upon them is why some women react so viciously to anything that seems to threaten abortion rights. Some of them might even hate the idea of being pregnant at all and start to place hatred on infants and motherhood. And that resentment can manifest as them talking disrespectfully about unborn life.

    I’m pro life with a couple of limits, and that’s a viewpoint that informs the stories I write, but I don’t shy away from the harsh reality of these situations, or the things that might cause a woman to choose abortion. We can’t solve problems like this if we ignore the complexities that go into it, so I try to explore these issues from multiple perspectives and situations.

What say you?