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167. How Can Christian Parents Train Their Kids to Become Fantastic Creators? | with Naomi A. Russell

If Christians truly want to share fantastic stories, they must raise their children to value these works and the hard choices of creativity.
Fantastical Truth on Jun 21, 2023 · No comments

If we as Christians want our own great creative works, we’ll need to be the ones producing them. That means families raising up children to value careers in the arts. What does this look like in practice? Zackary Russell is joined by his wife, Naomi A. Russell, to share how they’ve been doing this with their own four children. From homeschooling to public school, to musical theater and dance classes, they’ll explore how Christians can better engage faithfully in the world and in the arts.

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1. We need more Christians in the arts

  • It’s part of our calling as believers, to be sub-creators with the Lord.
  • From the very beginning, God gave artistic skills to his people to use in an expression of worship to him.
  • The arts shape culture.
  • Nowadays, the arts are often dark places.
  • Our culture has been on a STEM craze for the last few decades.

2. Our own journeys through the arts

  • There’s always a place for the arts, even if you’re a STEM major.

3. How we raise children who value the arts

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Commenting on ep. 166 on YouTube, Victor DiGiovanni wrote:

As a Christian who is also a filmmaker, I can attest that if you limit yourself to exclusively Christian cast and crew, you will end up with a vastly inferior product. The cinematographer for the first season of The Chosen, Akis Konstantakopoulos, is an athiest. It can be argued that one of the big reasons why The Chosen made such a big splash is that the show LOOKS incredible. It looks like a prestige TV series on the order of Game of Thrones. That’s Akis Konstantakopoulos. You get an exclusively Christian cinematographer, you’ll likely get something that looks basic and flat, like every dull, flatly-lit, basic faith-based film you’ve seen. I don’t need to name any, because it’s true for ALL of them. The Chosen looked great and instantly said “This ain’t your father’s Christian content.” As long as the people working on the product are doing their best, and contributing their expertise to help the boss deliver their vision, then that’s all that matters in the end. I challenge anyone to go through the last two seasons of The Chosen (when the pride flag cameraman was involved) and point out his influence.

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