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171. How Did Christian Creators Seek Wonder at Realm Makers 2023?

We asked conference newcomers and authors alike how wonderful stories have led them to rediscover truth and worship Jesus Christ.
Fantastical Truth on Jul 20, 2023 · No comments

While many Hollywood creatives have gone on strike, hundreds of Christian fans, writers, teachers, and volunteers teemed in the hotel halls at last week’s Realm Makers 2023 conference.1 They heard from speakers like Steve Laube, Steven James, and Tricia Goyer about how stories should lead us to a sense of wonder. So we asked conference newcomers and authors alike: which stories have helped you find wonder and worship of Christ?

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  1. Enclave Publishing: The Light of Eidon by Karen Hancock
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Great stories should lead us to wonder, and lately, stories that don’t aren’t doing well at the box office. Meanwhile, writers and actors for these stories have gone on strike because they object to streaming services and AI that might cheat them out of their livelihoods. Scripture warns against employers oppressing hired employees, whether it’s a business or vocational ministry. How do Christian fans honor the value of stories and show our appreciation for the creators who work hard to reflect God’s image and create them?

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