1. Gretchen E K Engel says:

    My favorite movie was a literal 11th hour pick. My husband, son, and I saw Wonka on New Year’s Eve. Fantastic and fantastical! It’s closer to the 1970 film and musical perfection! This is a movie I’d watch again!
    By the way, this is the best way to celebrate NYE. Go to the movies and land at home before midnight.
    My son loves the Sony Spiderverse movies, and it might be his favorite of 2023. I enjoyed the first one and want to see this one. It’s also an example of good diversity casting that as Zach says, respects the fandom.
    As a quintessential GenXer,Sean Astin is always Mikey from The Goonies.
    Mon Mothma was my absolute favorite character in Andor and one of my favorite characters, period. A woman in leadership but also a wife and mother resonated with me.

What say you?