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197. How Do Christian Creators Make Video Adventures? | Soma Games with Chris Skaggs

Unlike old gaming stereotypes, video games are blending the best of multiple creative fields into playable adventures that can glorify God.
Fantastical Truth on Jan 30, 2024 · No comments

We explore a lot of Christian-made fantastical books. But what about video game stories? What about Christians making different kinds of playable adventures set in worlds like The Wingfeather Saga and the Redwall series? Chris Skaggs enters the family room and takes us behind the controllers of Soma Games to help us play games for Christ’s glory.

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Mission update

Introducing guest Chris Skaggs

Chris Skaggs is the Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Soma Games and Soma SoulWorks. Created in 2005, Soma Games fancies itself the “C. S. Lewis of video games” and strives to do the epithet honor by making artistically excellent games for people who may never go to church, but find themselves having fun while pondering eternal things. Soma SoulWorks is the ministry side of Soma’s coin, producing teaching and podcasts that seek to reach young adult “creatives,” especially those working in arts and entertainment. Chris is an Intel Black Belt recipient and frequent speaker at mobile and game-developer conferences, including GDC (Game Developer Conference), CGDC (Christian Game Developers Conference), Casual Connect, Serious Play, and Intel Innovators Forum.

1. When did you discover Jesus and video games?

2. How can Christians game for God’s glory?

3. What kinds of games does Soma create and why?

Com station

  • How do you train yourself (and others) to game for God’s glory?

One hero of the Guild, DHMcCormack, said about ep. 196:

[I] really enjoyed the conversation of digital vs physical mediums, and how that connects to traditional expressions of Christianity vs newer ones. In a world drowning in digital noise, the feel of a nice book in your hands and the way it forces you to be still, quiet and pay attention to one thing is really valuable.

Guild hero Bob H also remarked:

One subject that wasn’t touched on that I expected was that I often hear authors talk about the difficulties in naming their books.

Next on Fantastical Truth

Speaking of games, did you know that next week is a major competitive event? Instead of XP, they have “scores.” Instead of combo moves and puzzle-solving, they have “plays.” Instead of dying, they have “losing,” and instead of save points, they have “yard lines.” How can Christians who love fantasy show love and respect to other kinds of fans who enjoy sports?

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