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21. In a Blind World, What If Only One Boy Could See? | For Whom the Sun Sings, with W. A. Fulkerson

Stephen and Zack are joined by W. A. Fulkerson, whose novel For Whom the Sun Sings just released this spring.
Fantastical Truth on Jun 23, 2020 · No comments

Stephen and Zack are joined by W. A. Fulkerson, whose novel For Whom the Sun Sings just released this spring.

Our new summer 2020 issue of Lorehaven magazine shares even more from this story: our full review and a preview chapter. Plus we ask W. A., or Wes, more about the images and themes behind this story. Go to and subscribe for free. You’ll get your digital copy of the new issue and access to all our reviews and articles.

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For Whom the Sun Sings, back cover

The world is blind. . . then one boy is born with sight.

Nestled in a mountain haven, the remaining people of the world live in a village that is ordinary but strict. A severe peace must be kept severely, as they say. It’s all that keeps them from descending into the chaos that claimed the world a hundred years ago.

Led by the Prophet Valdas and his Regents, the villagers work, play, marry, and have families. They gather in ceremony once a year to celebrate their Day of Remembrance. Life is planned, precise, and predictable until the special abilities of eleven-year-old Andrius threaten to undermine it all.

From Lorehaven magazine’s review

W. A. Fulkerson constructs For Whom the Sun Sings on an ingenious premise. He carefully builds a society without sight, working out the idea to consequences both obvious and unexpected.

Interview questions

  • How did you first discover fantastic stories?
  • How did this novel For Whom the Sun Sings come to you?
  • What thoughts have you about novels for grown-ups, or at least older readers, that just happen to feature heroes who are children?
  • What is your purpose as a biblical Christian who creates fantastical stories?
  • What other stories might lie ahead for you?

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