1. notleia says:

    So we can’t roleplay on its own merits, we need to make up an excuse that it’s “educational” in order to roleplay? Welp, baby steps for paranoid parents, I guess.

    But remember, kids, a team made up entirely of paladins is bad party balance in regular DnD and your DM will nuke you on principle.

    • We actually address this in the full episode: the fact that paranoid folks in the 1980s had a lot of assumptions about DragonRaid being evil, while others fell into the “ohhh, so it’s a replacement for ‘Dungeons and Dragons'” trap. In fact, DragonRaid-soon-to-become-Lightraiders is neither.

      • notleia says:

        I did listen a bit, but while I only have a broad understanding of gameplay mechanics from half-listening while my dude watches Shut Up and Sit Down, the parts that are different — the memorization bits — do not seem to be the parts that are fun, which seem to be the DnD knockoff parts.

        Granted, mitigating the reliance on dice rolls is nice, but there are other methods. My dude prefers Arkham Asylum (not actually related to the DC universe) to Call of Cthulhu because he likes the card-based approach.

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