1. notleia says:

    Insert joke about discovering a new fandom for a book published in the 60s. Personally I like the worldbuilding for Dune better than the actual plot or most of the characters, but it’s been quite a few years since I read it and maybe I should look at it again and see if I think any differently of it.

    Aw, you guys and your romantic notions of troubadour-warriors, so cute. And I’m only being a skosh condescending when I say that. There is something in the idea of people of culture who have artistic talents on top of their normal, mundane competence. Like 17th century German city clerks who include pretty good sketches in the margins of their notes of city business. But we can’t have nice things because schools have cut funding to all the arts programs, and society is pressuring everyone to turn all the nice things into mere side hustles as if to justify their existence. /separatesoapboxrant #breadandroses

    Ugh, hamhanded gender crap. I’m feeling sympathy for all the nonbinary people who just can’t be arsed with the entire concept. But sadly, all this crap is probably a necessary step for societal development into something less crappy about gender.

    Also for discussion: “death of the author” vs “the author is dead to me.” One is much more metaphysical, but the other is “I know what the author intended but it’s stupid and I’m electing to ignore it.” And how both play into adaptations and fanfictions. But I think y’all need to talk about fanfiction more, anyway.

    But I have mixed feelings about your stretching Paul so far out of context with the marriage and food business. The original context was early Christian factional infighting. Luckily, there is plenty of modern Christian factional infighting to apply it to, but putting it in a Christian vs secular context feels like it needs better justification.

    Bonus meme:

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