1. notleia says:

    Hoo boy. Christian subculture is uniquely terrible about understanding and/or engaging with outsider opinions. Lord forbid the heathens be RIGHT about something, amirite?
    The crux of the matter is that the Church is revealed to be not actually any more moral than any other large group of people, and just as power-hungry and cliquish and dysfunctional, so what is the point, then?

    The UMC is splitting (again) because of The Gay Question(TM), the SBC is going thru another Conservative Resurgence where they’re trying to paint Russell frickin Moore as a dangerous liberal because he didn’t kiss Trump’s…ring…enough. Is there a meaningful Christian presence outside the Republican party anymore? (Is there a meaningful Republican party outside the Q-trolls anymore?)

    Bonus linky mostly about the paradox of tolerance and the false neutrality of the center, watch or not at your pleasure:

    There are truly interesting discussions amongst the gay alphabet about the nature of gender, sexuality, and identity, but because of false neutrality and bad-faith engagement only used to invalidate them, they generally don’t engage on that in the wider audience/context. They have to engage the tolerance paradox shields with the performative wokeness in order to protect themselves, which is pitiable despite the cringe.

    TL;DR: As they say on the internet, weird hill to die on, but at least you’re dead (whoever “you” is). And to reiterate, if the Church is not actually better than any other large organization, what is the point?

    PS: Rex vs Lex? Inflexible rule of iron law, or rule of authoritarian dictators? Neither, thanks, false dilemma, even if rex has some good points.

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