1. notleia says:

    I did feel bad for Rowling’s Adventures in Sexism(TM), but she’s taking her feelings out on the wrong targets. I stopped feeling bad when she doubled down on her garbage. Are we defined by our genitals or not, Rowling? Are women the only ones enlightened enough to transcend their organs and men are not? Tempting conclusion, I know, girl, but not only is it wrong, it is unfair. I UNDERSTAND about heterosexual nihilism, but taking it out on trans people is not cool and also not even a functional solution.

    And have y’all actually met modern “occultists?” All the ones I’ve met just collect crystals, candles, and tarot cards and don’t bother with contacting the dead. You’re gonna have a hard time convincing me that these cottagecore dorks are scary.

    Ah, Jordn Petersn. He might have had half a point, but he got eaten up by his own fame. Eat a vegetable, ya dork, and stay on your meds. Very “physician, heal thyself” vibes.

    It’s totally possible to keep the good production and throw out the iffy creator. We do it ALLA time, even Christians. Have you read about denominational history? Anything else is hypocrisy.

    Imma stop and take a moment to appreciate Suzanne Collins, who just took her multimillions and melted into obscurity and doesn’t bother to garner clicks by ex post facto claiming Peeta is bisexual or some crap.

What say you?