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92. Twenty Years Later, How Did We Enjoy ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’? | with Rilian of NarniaWeb

Twenty years after The Fellowship of the Ring released in theaters, NarniaWeb’s good prince Rilian helps us recall how Christians love exploring Peter Jackson’s one film trilogy to rule them all.
Fantastical Truth on Dec 21, 2021 · No comments

“I amar prestar sen … han mathon ne nen … han mathon ne chae … a han noston ned wilith.” Well, it’s some form of Elvish. In the Common Tongue, it reads, “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring film released twenty years ago this month. So don’t you feel older than a Dúnedain ranger?” This film truly changed our world forever. Now we shall host a good Narnian prince, Rilian himself, returning from last Christmas to explore how Christians loved exploring Peter Jackson’s one film trilogy to rule them all, from 2001 until today.

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Talking Beasts: The Narnia PodcastReturning with ‘Rilian’ of NarniaWeb’s Talking Beasts podcast

1. How did we discover The Lord of the Rings books and films?

2. How did we experience The Fellowship of the Ring in 2001?

3. Twenty years later, how do we view the film and its fandom?

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Brielle Andela replied to episode 90 about the Harry Potter series:

I highly enjoyed this episode. I was definitely raised in the anti Harry Potter camp, but I eventually came around, actually by way of the “the real problem is that Harry and his friends get rewarded for breaking the rules” argument. I really appreciated what you had to say about that because I’d never really tried to defeat that argument. I just started reading the books because I was curious as a writer about how the books were so popular.

These days I’m not going to go around praising them or blanket endorsing the books, but I’ll defend Rowling against silly accusation her being a satanist or anything of the sort. If anything she thinks too little of the supernatural, not too much.

What I find most interesting about the world that she’s made is that it very much points to life after death and the existence of the soul.

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Christmas time is here. For our last episode of 2021, we’ll echo another livestream replay from earlier this month, “Behold the Fantastic Glories Redeeming YA Fantasy.” Marian Jacobs and James R. Hannibal join us again, not just to discern the nonsense and nastiness in these stories, but to thank God for the chance to find great stories and receive them with thanksgiving and holiness. That’s our mission at Lorehaven, especially with the Lorehaven Guild opening for monthly book quests starting next year. We hope you’ll join us, for Christ’s glory, as we continue to seek and find his fantastical truth.

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