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Day Moon

If a modern-day Bard of Avon penned a near-future thriller, it would resemble Brett Armstrong’s Day Moon. As a programmer and art student at the university, Elliott McIntyre’s greatest concern is wooing fellow student and artist Lara Hopewell. But when Lara finds a hidden message in a poem written by Elliott’s grandpa, they are drawn into a labyrinthine treasure hunt for truth, pulsing with conspiracy and danger. An intriguing masterpiece of character relationships, marked by deception and betrayal, displays authentic human interactions and motivations on the story’s canvas. And the plot is deftly coded with mysteries and surprising twists. Burdened by immersive descriptions and ornate prose, the narrative lacks an editor’s touch, yet presents a richly layered world and magnetic plot with need for a sequel.

Best for: Readers who enjoy a slower-paced but exciting story, with explicit Christian themes arising naturally from the story flow and characters’ beliefs.

Discern: Mild violence, kissing, suggestive elements, and one scene involving lingerie.

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