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Resurgence of Dawn, Brett Armstrong

Resurgence of Dawn

Haunted by their failures, two teens try to salvage the Quest of Fire as mystic shadow assassins and political machinations threaten to bring the Lowlands to ruin.
Silent Stars by Brett Armstrong

Silent Stars

A teen risks everything to stop the sinister forces threatening to erase humanity forever.
Quest of Fire: Desperation, Brett Armstrong

Quest of Fire: Desperation

Guarding his nation’s last hope, a teen must escape enemy lands.
Shadows at Nightfall, Brett Armstrong

Shadows at Nightfall

Two teens must face the darkest terrors of their world, which hide in the shadows no longer.
Veiled Sun, Brett Armstorng

Veiled Sun

Project Alexandria is rewriting history, and one teen’s only allies are criminals as dark as the forces he’s fighting.
Quest of Fire: The Gathering Dark, Brett Armstrong

The Gathering Dark

A teen risks everything to save a cruel kingdom from cannons and the claws of mythic monsters.
Day Moon, Brett Armstrong

Day Moon

Eluding the authorities, one teen holds the past and future’s key.
“Immersive descriptions and ornate prose . . . presents a richly layered world and magnetic plot with need for a sequel.”
Lorehaven review, summer 2018