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Kara Swanson’s Dust shares the magical story of Claire, a girl who hates Peter Pan but who may be the key to saving Neverland. Because of Peter Pan, Claire’s brother is missing. In London, she meets a boy who helps her discover truths about herself and the strange and powerful dust that sheds from her skin. Her dust may not be the curse she always thought—it may be exactly what she needs to find her brother. She must evade pirates and rogue lost boys and learn whom to trust. Nothing is as it seems, and wishing on stars will get her nowhere in this delightfully twisted sequel to a classic. Despite some continuity issues and plot inconsistencies, Dust is a charming and engaging read.

Best for: Young adults as well as fans of fantasy retellings and sequels to classics.

Discern: Violence, dark emotions and motivations, references to self-harm and suicide.

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