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Maleen is the kingdom’s only princess, but she has no prince. As war gathers at the borders, her father gives her two options: marry a foreign prince, or face imprisonment in an impregnable tower. Maleen tries a third option. But knights in white armor do not always come to rescue a princess in Exile. This gentle fantasy from Loren G. Warnemuende shows little magic or strange creatures, focusing on complex emotions and relationships. A good supernatural Creator does hold this kingdom in his hand, where characters practice and discuss their faith. Exile’s lack of action could make some readers feel restless. Others will enjoy the imagination and heart of this tale.

Best for: Fans of young-adult fantasy and fairy tale retellings.

Discern: Scenes of a war’s aftermath that includes human remains, someone experiences a disturbing and evidently supernatural dream, a difficult relationship between father and daughter involves questionable behavior on both sides.

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