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North! Or Be Eaten

Andrew Peterson’s second Wingfeather tale, North! Or Be Eaten, casts the Igiby family into uncharted waters as they flee the Fangs of Dang and seek refuge among the frozen wastes of the north. When twelve-year-old Janner’s family gets separated along the way, he must discover the means and meaning of embracing his role as Throne Warden of the lost kingdom of Anniera. Peterson’s characteristic wit and humor keep shining in this tale full of danger, woe, and travail. Characters old and new reveal complex personalities and histories, while older heroes mentor the young with firmness yet love. Thanks to thrills aplenty and swashbuckling adventure, North! Or Be Eaten sails toward the vast horizon of the Saga’s final half.

Best for: Fans of The Wingfeather Saga, children and preteens who enjoy thrills and fantastic adventure.

Discern: Some threats and violence against children and pets, one hero faces prolonged despair and claustrophobia, heroes face betrayal and responsibility, an honorable man’s dishonorable past brings risk to his family, prisoners are forced into slavery and transformation chambers.

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