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Savage Bred

Emme has learned to love the sea, but has she lost the love that matters?1 Betrayal is never far on a ship full of pirates. In Savage Bred, the titular ship of Victoria McCombs’s Royal Rose Chronicles begins its final crossing as villains with their own goals converge and scatter the heroes. While taking time for calm waters, McCombs masterfully navigates themes of reconciliation, redemption, selfishness, and self-sacrifice that sweep characters to their destinations. Savage Bred brings this trilogy to a satisfying close and leaves readers hoping the ship’s remaining crew will find new journeys in the future.

Best for: Young adults and older fans of pirate tales and fantasy.

Discern: Death and violence common to the high seas, mentions of magic and prophecy.

  1. Savage Bred releases Aug. 22, 2023.
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