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What happens when the land of eternal youth falls into death? Kara Swanson’s Shadow continues from Heirs of Neverland book 1, Dust, returning readers to the island where children never grow up. But this isn’t the dangerously happy world of the Peter Pan stories. This island is darker, twisted, tattered, and broken. Swanson’s heroine Claire finally finds her brother, Conner, but he is not the boy she remembers. As Claire learns more about her connection to Neverland, Peter himself must try to determine how his world went so wrong. How can they stop the shadows spreading inky blackness over the island when even Claire’s golden pixie dust is dimmed? Swanson’s page-turner soars and wonderfully concludes this creative retelling of the classic Peter Pan.

Best for: Young adults and adults who enjoy fairy-tale retellings or adventure stories.

Discern: Violence and death, heavy themes involving depression and revenge.

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