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The Deliverer

After a second Civil War, the United States has broken into three different countries, all addicted to bloodsport. That’s the unique world of Jason William Karpf’s post-apocalyptic novel The Deliverer, which follows the parallel stories of Bren and Olivia. Bren Van Allen wants a better life for his family and takes a job as an armed deliverer of special purchases. When this peace-fighting Christian meets single mother Olivia Durand, they get involved in a complicated revenge plot against her ex-husband. Realistic characters drive this standalone tale of faith applied in difficult situations. Karpf’s direct prose transports a grim yet hopeful story that leads to satisfying conclusions for his characters.

Best for: Adult fans of action-apocalyptic or near-future science fiction.

Discern: Gun violence as part of bloodsport, some family drama between divorced spouses.

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