Almost Paradise by Bryan Timothy Mitchell

Daniel Strong’s hopes decay, but the Holy Spirit remains with him. Will he give in to the darkness? Will he find his way home?

Get ready for Almost Paradise, the sequel to the award-winning Infernal Fall.

Daniel may have escaped the Inferno, but Hell has followed him home. The devils that stalk him may not know about his magical stone, which can send them back to Hell, but unfortunately for Daniel, there isn’t much power in slinging stones. Meanwhile, Heartless Charles is torn between saving his friend and serving his master. If that wasn’t enough trouble, an alluring spirit has ensnared him with her charms. Then there’s Beau, who is ready to catch a bus bound for Heaven, but first, he must discover why it’s harder to fly than to fall.

Find out why on Tuesday, October 24.

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“A remarkable cast of characters guides readers across a terrifying but compelling landscape.”

—Kirkus Review

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