1. Stephanie says:

    As an avid reader of a variety of both secular and Christian fiction genres, I truly agree that we need to be more discerning when we read Christian fiction (or Christian-made fiction). I’ve also seen how difficult discernment can be for many believers. I think this article is a good start to helping the Christian fiction reader see where some so-called Christian books, unfortunately, don’t quite hit the mark.

    And as a homeschool mom, I really appreciate the rubric for judging literary works that you shared. I look forward to your future articles that will explore these concepts more fully!

  2. Shannon Stewart says:

    I love this, Josiah! Great points. I especially appreciate your scriptural support for quality work!

  3. Kathleen Eavenson says:

    “Excellence in all things and all things for God’s glory” — the motto the church I used to attend embraced. The article is trying to emphasize it too.

  4. Humble Warrior says:

    Great article, premise and standards. The only unanswered I have is how would a Christian author know if he or she is achieving these standards? Where would one go to receive the proper feedback from discerning commentators for one’s existing books/stories? I really do like your standards and I truly do not mean to sound snarky, but outside of diving into your program, where would a current (and/or untrained) author obtain such feedback? Amazon is not trustworthy and social media can be biased (i.e. not necessarily honest).

    On a positive note, I will likely return to read more great articles. Thank you.

  5. Excellent and thoughtful article. We need to hone our critical thinking skills, balanced with childlike wonder and a desire for truth,

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