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111. Why Do Your Kids Need Fantastical Stories for God’s Glory?

Some children or teens have the strange superpower of speed-reading books, which can include many idols but also graces.
Fantastical Truth on May 10, 2022 · No comments

Do your children or teens have the strange superpower of speeding through dozens more fantastical books than you could ever hope to read first? In this episode, based on workshops taught at homeschool conferences around the country, E. Stephen Burnett explores the biblical and practical reasons we actually need fantasy, sci-fi, and other stories that offer many idols yet also graces.

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Why Do Your Kids Need Fantastical Stories for God’s Glory?

  • Stephen just attended the Teach Them Diligently conference in Tennessee.
  • He rejoined the Realm Makers Bookstore. More on this event in a moment.
  • Realm Makers travels the country, sharing Christian-made fantastical novels.
  • Yet this group started as a writer’s conference, leading to our first sponsor.
  • Learn more at our news post shared early last week.
  • Because of audio issues, this recording is from an earlier presentation.
  1. Fantastical stories help train us to imagine God’s truth.

  2. Fantastical stories help us love Jesus and his heroism.

  3. Fantasy helps train us for our world mission.

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Autumn left us a comment on our last episode, 110. Could We Enter a ‘Golden Age’ of Christian-Made Fantastical Fiction?

When something goes mainstream, there is an element of it that is expected to appeal to everyone, or at least the widest audience possible. It can also get noticed and overtaken by people that act like something is only legitimate if it furthers their opinions. When all that stuff starts to happen, it becomes less about telling an awesome and unique story and more about taking certain things out to make it more ‘palatable’ to whoever has influence over the franchise. In that sense, obscurity is freedom.

Next on Fantastical Truth

On this quest to cultivate more fans of Christian-made fantastical stories, there’s no rest on the road. Stephen gets two weekends before he heads back out to rejoin many of the same crew for another conference, the Florida Parent Educators Association in Orlando, Florida. Watch our website for more details. Yet here we can say we’re talking with new guests who will join Realm Makers Bookstore at that event, including at least one famous vegetarian who has taken a liking to frozen salted squirrels. We hope to announce this soon.

Fantastical Truth
Fantastical Truth

Lorehaven explores fantastical stories for God's glory: fantasy, sci-fi, and beyond.

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