1. When it comes to the times we should listen to Christmas carols…the politically correct answer is probably the day after Thanksgiving and until the end of December. The REAL answer is probably something along the lines of ‘What is this, a dystopia? Why would we arbitrarily say that people can only listen to perfectly good songs for barely more than a certain month of the year?! Listen to Christmas carols whenever you want!’

    Jokes aside, I usually listen to carols after Thanksgiving and until the end of December, though now and then I might stretch that to the end of January, which is about how long I like to leave Christmas decorations up on the interior of my home. It’s about creating that ambiance for that time of year, and then moving on to enjoy the ambiance of other holidays and seasons as they come.

    There’s nothing wrong with someone wanting to listen to carols in the middle of the year, though. Songs like Trans Siberian Orchesta’s version of Carol of The Bells is epic enough to play whenever the whim strikes. Same with some of Lindsey Stirling’s Christmas music. Also, some Christmas carols don’t necessarily seem exclusive to Christmas when paying close attention to the lyrics. Maybe they didn’t initially start out as Christmas songs, and either way, they sort of talk about things we should celebrate and care about during the whole year anyway.

What say you?