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154. What If You Had to Fake Being Genetically Modified? | Enhanced with Candace Kade

Candace Kade rides into the studio to share her own social credit points plus Enhanced, her debut novel set in a cyberpunk dystopian world.
Fantastical Truth on Mar 21, 2023 · No comments

What if you had to survive in a futuristic East Asian world, ruled by a social credit system, by pretending you were genetically altered? Let’s break from our ongoing series about present-day Fantastical Foes. Instead we’ll jump into the sci-fi cyberpunk world of Enhanced, Candace Kade’s newly released novel. Today, she rides into the studios to share her own social credit points!

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  1. Enclave Publishing: Enhanced by Candace Kade
  2. Once Upon a Ren Faire by A. C. Castillo
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Candace Kade, profileIntroducing author Candace Kade

Candace is a recovering over-achiever who spends her time dreaming up stories typically involving tech, psychology, culture, and/or swords. She’s a certified Krav Maga assistant instructor and loves writing action-packed martial art scenes. A third culture kid, she considers Chengdu and Austin to be her homes. When she’s not exploring new countries, she enjoys hiking in national parks, moving, teaching her husband Mandarin, and keeping a baby human alive. She can be bribed with boba tea, fluffy puppies, and breakfast tacos.

1. How did China change your life and creativity?

2. Will people benefit or suffer from genetic editing?

3. Should we fear cyperpunk social credit systems?

Com station

One hero of the Guild said of episode 152 about church trauma:

Yikes, do you guys have my whole life bugged! Wow, may have to listen to this one again. Great discussion. Thanks for sharing.

Another listener wasn’t a fan of ep. 153 about deconstructionism:

I’ve read Jesus and John Wayne and I believe Michael is entirely incorrect on his assessment about the book and deconstructionism in general.

There are no professional deconstructors. There’s no leftist agenda in Dr. DeMuse book, unless the message that “power and influence corrupt and having super megachurch pastors be held up as leaders in evangelical circles was a terrible idea” doesn’t translate for you.

I thought this was a podcast about storytellers, not a political punditry soapbox.

  • The same listener also left related comments on social media
  • Most focused on this particular book, barely mentioned in the episode
  • You can read Stephen’s response here (posted in reply at the episode before 153)

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Our next Fantastical Foe doesn’t look that villainous. Instead she dresses up as whimsical kittens, cozy cottages, or “easily” spied good guys and bad guys. He will approach you in pleasant platitudes, from a church, or even from that smiling popular fantasy author. Shining like an angel of light, she will give you beautiful lies such as, “Everyone is basically good, and you only need to fear the System of obvious villains… like The Powerful. Or doctrine. Or that bad Church Back Home.” Should we follow these messiahs from the deserts of social media? Beware this second Fantastical Foe: Sentimentalism.

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