1. notleia says:

    LOL, do I get an official “Frenemy of the Site” shirt?

    But for me, it’s more about uncovering our hidden blind spots and playing around with concepts than about proving dweebs like Plato wrong (that’s just a side benefit).

    (PS “Authoritarianism” is more specific than the concept of authority and all the assorted structures that authority organizes itself in. I’ll spare you an essay on it and provide a linky for some free reading: https://web.archive.org/web/20200916190422/http://www.theauthoritarians.org/options-for-getting-the-book/)

  2. When I was in first grade, I used to be obsessed with the Peter Pan story. Mainly the Broadway play I saw on tv. I never read the book, but a few aspects of the Peter Pan story spoke to me, especially since it interfaced with the way I was contemplating the notion of death at the time. I was a Christian even then, but the physical aspect of death still scared me.

    Since Peter Pan never grew old, he would be able to live forever so long as he didn’t get killed by Captain Hook or something. So he had risk and hardship and adventure, but still that chance to live on and on in a place that was important to him. There were elements of that that I wanted and wished for, even if I could never have them to that extent(at least on earth). So Peter Pan brought some of these things out of me where I could notice and work through them. I’m at a different stage now, when it comes to thinking about death, and Peter Pan is no longer my favorite story. But it was an important step along my path and an important part in my development.

    Kind of glad to hear the original Peter Pan book was darker and different than the movies, so I might have to read it (and Kara Swanson’s Dust) some time in the future 🙂

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