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93. How Can We Behold Fantastical Fiction Glories in YA Fantasy and Beyond?

Fantastical Truth from Lorehaven has begun season 3, featuring another recorded livestream joined by James R. Hannibal and Marian Jacobs.
Fantastical Truth on Jan 5, 2022 · 2 comments

Fantastical Truth from Lorehaven has begun season 3! As we exit the holidays, we’re echoing another livestream replay from earlier this month. Marian Jacobs and James R. Hannibal join us again, not just to discern the nonsense and nastiness in fantasy stories, but to thank God for the chance to find great stories and receive them with thanksgiving and holiness. That’s our mission at Lorehaven, especially with the Lorehaven Guild now open for fantastical community and monthly book quests, starting this Saturday!

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Hark! As of New Year’s Day 2022, we have opened the Lorehaven Guild community, exclusive to free subscribers.

New updates from Lorehaven

Behold the Fantastic Glories Redeeming YA Fantasy

Here’s how we shared this show, livestreamed for Realm Makers last month:

The world has changed. We feel it in the earth. We smell it in the air. It’s no longer positive or neutral, but negative toward Christianity. How can we find the best fantastical stories that reflect gospel goodness, truth, and beauties in these novel worlds? Rejoin Lorehaven’s E. Stephen Burnett and Marian Jacobs as well as James R. Hannibal, thanking God for faithful fiction this year.

Com station

Abigail Falanga wrote in reply to our SpecFaith seasonal closure update:

I’m sorry to see Speculative Faith closing down (for now). Ever since I discovered it a couple years ago, I’d enjoyed many articles and series there, and even had thoughts for articles of my own that I hoped to pitch (talking, incidentally, more about fandom than writing).

However, this certainly sounds like the right decision at this time. I’m sure our Great Author has His own plans for the future both of Spec Faith and of all our other endeavors!

Stephen Smith shared this in reply to the Lorehaven Guild announcement:

This is on my calendar–so looking forward to it! This site is an oasis in a dry and weary land where there is no water.

Lisa @ Digging for Myrrh loved Shannon Stewart’s article:

Ah, you are so young to be so conversant with truth, Shannon. Kudos for a terrific piece.

Next on Fantastical Truth

Last year at this time, our parent community of Lorehaven went all-digital: new articles every month, podcasts on Tuesdays, reviews on Fridays, plus news updates and other resources to help Christian fans explore fantastical stories for God’s glory. We will survey which stories made the biggest impact on readers, and catch up with the creators who react to your reactions.

Fantastical Truth
Fantastical Truth

Lorehaven explores fantastical stories for God's glory: fantasy, sci-fi, and beyond.

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    Okay to quote from your comment in a future episode?


    In the Fantastical Truth podcast from Lorehaven, hosts E. Stephen Burnett and Zackary Russell explore fantastical stories for God's glory and apply their wonders to the real world Jesus calls us to serve.
    1. notleia says:

      But DOES swearing make your anger worse? I don’t think it’s the swearing that makes it bad. IDK if it’s actually any better if someone commits violence or dehumanization even tho they don’t swear. You can swear to vent your feelings and frustrations about situations and still not apply it to people to dehumanize them.

      One theory about girls reading more than boys is that girls are taught to empathize with people who are not like themselves and can therefore get into stories about many different kinds of characters, while boys…I hesitate to say “emotionally stunted” but sometimes that feels accurate. Let us phrase it as saying that they don’t see the value in learning to sympathize with characters that they already don’t relate to.

    2. notleia says:

      ‘scuse me, I messed up my HTML tags

      *learning to sympathize with characters that they already don’t relate to.

    What say you?