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A Ranger’s Guide to Glipwood Forest

Andrew Peterson’s prequel A Ranger’s Guide to Glipwood Forest offers readers further insights into the world and history of Aerwiar. Set many years before The Wingfeather Saga series, Ranger’s Guide presents and celebrates the original Glipwood Official Rangers Guild as they traverse the many dangers of Glipwood Forest. Fans of Peterson’s typically humorous style will delight in the narration, footnotes, and nonsense words abounding in this slim volume. With characters worthy of their own novels and lore to satisfy the most adventurous traveler, A Ranger’s Guide to Glipwood Forest can happily join the shelves next its predecessor, Pembrick’s Creaturepedia, as well as The Wingfeather Saga.

Best for: Fans of The Wingfeather Saga, middle grade and pre-teen readers.

Discern: Action and violence involving monsters.

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